Which deluxe has the best parking?

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I'm beginning to think about booking a hotel for the October RADP
meet. I think that I'll probably be driving down or renting a car when
I get there, mostly because I think the food situation at WDW is
getting to be so bad we'll try eating offsite for some of our major
meals. My first hotel preference would be Port Orleans, but I'll be
with a friend who prefers the deluxes. Which one has the best non-
valet parking situation where parking is actually available and you
don't have to hike a mile to get to it? I seem to remember that the
Polynesian had a decent amount of parking but haven't parked there in
That would have been my opinion - I agree with the Polynesian.  I've always 
been able to park near the Great Ceremonial house, but if you're particular 
building is far, it could be a hike anyway...


Seems like in recent years the parking right in front of the entrance to the
GCH has been harder to get into - maybe it's now the valet area? One
exception to this would be if you stay in the Rapa Nui building, which has
its own small lot.

For close-to-the-building parking, the two Lodges - Wilderness and Animal
Kingdom - are good. Some have remarked that in the case of the former, the
lot is poorly lit after dark.

 If you're willing to consider trying to get into a DVC property, BC Villas,
Saratoga Springs, and Old Key West all have convenient parking. (BCV moreso
than the Beach Club itself.)

South Wing of the Contemporary also has convenient parking, but those
accomodations aren't particularly popular among some folks.

If convenient self-parking is a real issue, definitely avoid the Floridian
and the Boardwalk.