TR: Day Five - EG & MrIncredible

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Day 5 - Wednesday, November 28, 2007

(oh, no exercise or stretching this morning, took it off)

Today is MGM aka Disney Studios day

Walked right on to Rock and Roller Coaster
Again, walked right on to Tower of Terror
Stopped for me to eat a grapefruit, MrIncredible wandered around and
took photos while I ate
Walked over to the Muppets and enjoyed the show quite a bit (as usual)
Went into the Christmas shop, I don't remember ever going in here
before, looked at some cards (we don't "do" Christmas decorating
anymore, but we do send out cards typically) - decided to not get
Enjoyed some window shopping and the decorations as we left
Walked over to the Epcot resort area and did a lap around the lake,
back to the car, drive to WalMart (I had to pick up some cd-roms so
that I could send some files to a client), back to resort, relax time

Went back over to MGM this evening, our plan was to go see Fantasmic!
Since we haven't seen it in five years, we thought, okay, it's the
Wednesday after Thanksgiving, there are other things going on around

was horribly crowded (at least by our definition), there were roped
off areas, but they were sending everyone to an SRO at the far back
corner (stage right if you're on stage). Didn't seem the best idea to
us! So, we left and went to the Osborne Dancing Lights (good choice).
Last year, we didn't get to see them "dance", enjoyed greatly.

Left MGM, drove over to Boardwalk and went to Spoodle's for dinner.
For the second time, our pager didn't work properly (I forgot to
mention that on Monday night, the pager for Tokyo Dining didn't go
off) - but they got us seated pretty quickly after we went back up and
asked if they had paged us... Joe was our server and was very good. We
had the Mediterranean dips and pita (split appetizer), a Yeungling
each (beer), and we split the red snapper entrée (red snapper cooked
in their wood-fired oven, bitter greens, fennel, pearl couscous with a
tomato broth) - extremely delicious, we now have a second favorite
fish dish on property. We had dessert, a rarity for us - almond
gelato, with a large piece of almond brittle and cherries - yum yum
yum yum!!!

Back to resort, a quick Maker's Mark for each of us and it's beddy-bye

This is the "It's a Wonderful Store" shop?  I though it closed.  The 
last two times I was there, it was closed and empty.  Maybe it;s only 
open "seasonally"?
That was the first time that I've seen it actually open.