Sandi's Dec Trip Report Part 1

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Sandi's Dec Trip Report Part 1

Background - travel day
I haven't been to WDW since March of '02 when I went with DD on Spring 
Break from her boarding school, and DH hasn't been since Jan. of '98, 
the last time our family of 4 went.
DD, 20, is now a sophmore in college on the west coast, and DS, 23, has 
bought a house and is on his own, though still nearby. 
 I  had some big surgery last winter and decided a trip to WDW was just 
the carrot I needed to get me through the long rehab process and back to 
normal.  It will be a first trip to WDW for DH and me without children.
We considered going in September, but both of us detest the humidity abd 
heat, esp. while touring, so we ruled that out and decidec on what was 
always one of our 2 favorite times to go, early December (the other is 
mid/late Jan.)
We also considered, for about 20 miniutes, staying somewhere other than 
the Poly which has always been our favorite.  DD and I had stayed at 
ASMusic in '02, but really didn't like it, esp. having to bus 
everywhere.  The Poly has really spoiled us, both for its wonderful 
transportation options and the serene, lush grounds, so we decided the 
Poly it would be!  We decided to buy annual passes in order to take 
advantage of the AP room discount.
In August I booked 10 days, Dec. 4-14 with an AP rate.  We took 
advantage of the hidden discount Rodney found on AP's to save $94 on our 
2 passes by ordering 10 day no expiry hoppers and then upgrading on 
property.  We also decided to buy the DDE card once we had APs in hand.
I got very anxious about dining AR's and tried to book some ahead with a 
dreadful experience as some of you might remember.  I tried again later 
with better success, and a friend here on the Cape, Tracy, passed on 3 
ARs she wasn't going to use, so things were looking better!

then rebooked with a Ding fare 3 days later for $284 roundtrip with all 
fees for both of us.  Not as cheap as I have ever seen it, but we've 
noticed that Providence seems to be growing in popularity, esp. with all 
the issues with Logan/Boston/tunnel access, so I suspect Southwest 
hasn't had to discount as deeply  to fill planes.
We reserved a room at the Best Western at the airport for Dec.3, with 
the Park/Fly option.  When you factor in what 10 night's parking at the 
airport was going to cost us, the room was nearly free!  
When DD's flight plan's were finalized for Xmas break from Stanford, she 

returning to Providence on Dec. 14th, so we decided to stay that night 
also in Providence so we could meet her flight and bring her home to 
Cape Cod with us.  So since we were flying on 12/14 and faced just a 3 
minute shuttle ride back to the hotel, without an add'l  2 hour car ride 

some add'l park time and an 11th day in the parks since we had annual 
We left Cape Cod about 1 pm on Sunday Dec.3rd.  The Best Western has 
been newly updated, it was a Master Host Inn previously, and it was 
lovely and clean with free wifi, free airport shuttle and continental 
breakfast for the morning and the great park/fly program.   We checked 
in and DH finished watching the Patriots game. Later we did a bit of 
local shopping and had dinner at Legal Seafood, just across the street 
from the hotel.
The next morning we were up at 5, (I had barely slept 3 hours, too 
excited)  with a wet, slushy snow falling.  We had a quick cup of coffee 
in the lobby before leaving on the shuttle.  The airport was  crowded 
and we checked our bags, then had to wait while they were sent through 
the x-ray machine, something we didn't have to do at MCO.  After seeing 
our bags cleared we headed for a fairly lengthy security line, where I 
had to be wanded, patted down, etc.  
Bought coffee and headed to our gate, where we watched the snow falling 
and start to pile up.  In the end we were delayed 1.5 hours, leaving 

de-iced before take-off, but at last we were on our way!
Have fun!
Looking forward to the rest of you TR :-)