Randle Family Does Disneyworld Day 3

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Monday, January 30

Today started late again after another late night. We had breakfast at
the food court and decided to hang around the resort for the morning.
Kris stayed with us and Liz and Mikey headed off to MGM. I thought we
might make it to MGM in time for the parade, so I told them to call us
to see if they should save a spot. As it turns out, we didn't make it
in time. After breakfast we changed the twins into their swimsuits and
headed for the playground. They loved playing there and were the only
kids in the park. After about a hour we went to the pool. They really
loved the kids pool and so did we. It was really warm and that felt
good as it was a bit on the chilly side today. After another hour we
went back to the room for a nap. Daddy and the twins went right to
sleep while Kris and I went to the food court for a bag of chips and
soda. We layed around watching the "Top 10 Must See Attractions" and

we were going to make it for the parade. I didn't want to wake everyone
so I said no and they headed back. Mike Jr. wanted to swim so I took
him to the pool for a bit. I don't think he had much fun as he had to


had dinner plans for 6 p.m. at the Prime Time Cafe. The twins were very
out of sorts tonight which worried me quite a bit. I checked us in and
they told us to wait until we were called so I ran out to find balloons
for the twins hoping this would occupy them at dinner. Well, I was
wrong. They were pretty unmanageable. Unfortunatly we didn't have the
"best" server tonight either. She really wasn't in much of "character"
which was dissapointing to us as well as the older kids. Kris ate
quickly and took the twins out and walked them around for awhile while
the rest of us finished our dinner and had dessert. The food was really
good, no complaints there.

Next we got our wristbands and headed over to Playhouse Disney while
the older kids headed to Rock n Roll Rollercoaster. The twins really
enjoyed the show and I enjoyed no lines!!! After we went to meet the
kids who had ridded 4 times in a row. My son was in heaven. My DH took
a ride with the kids while I watched the now BEASTLY twins. They were
pulling at the balloons and really didn't want them, so I gave them to
2 kids who really enjoyed them. They came off the ride and then it was
my turn to ride with the kids while Daddy waited with the girls. I just
love that ride!!! Kris went back to get one of the photos of the 3
older kids riding and decided to also get the frame. It is a really
cute picture... Daddy got the twins popcorn and Liz and Kris rode the
Tower of Terror. We started to make our way to the entrance when we
decided to go on the Great Movie Ride. Liz offered to stay with the
twins while we all went. I just worried the whole time that they
weren't behaving for her. When we got out she said they had been little
angels. How can that be? From BEASTLY to little angels? Oh well, I was
relieved that they were good. We left the park to find a pretty long
line for the bus again. The one thing I can say is I was impressed at
how considerate others were on the full busses. Every time we got on a
bus that was standing room only we were offered a seat for the people
who were holding babies.

Back to the resort with tired feet we stopped at the food court for
milk for bottles. (we wern't taking any chances after last night) They
drank their bottles and again crib hopped until they fell asleep
together, again. I think they found some comfort in eachother in a
strange enviroment. It was really cute.
Thanks so much for the trip report. I am really enjoying it.  Lisa