Post trip thoughts on Priority Seating...

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Ok, I know it's been changed to "Advanced reservations".  But nobody at
Disney seems to know that.  They all still call them Priority Seatings, and
promise you when you make them that "they are NOT reservations.

Anyway.  I have on most of my prior trips made PS at restaurants the day
before, or sometimes ahead of my arrival.  I planned to kind of wing it on
this visit.....another bad decision.

My wife and I tried on several occasions to to get a table at restaurants at
ALL the parks and were told that they couldn't even put us on the list or
allow us to wait b/c they had too many Priority Seatings scheduled!!  What a
shock!!  I've never in the past had trouble with this.  And let's be
honest...counter service food, just isn't that great.  Yet, that's what we
were stuck with on a few occasions.

When I did try to schedule for dinner 2 and 3 nights ahead, I was blocked on
all counts.  I tried for Ohana's and Fulton's Crab House.  They only thing
available for a Monday night at Ohana's was 9pm.

Fulton's was actually blocked for the whole weekend thru Disney's
reservation line.  But when I stopped by Fulton's to ask why, they told me
that there were plenty of spots.  So I made my "reservation" in person, and
had no trouble the next night when we arrived.

So, no I'm not whining....really!!  I just wanted to pass on my experience
for some of you to learn from.  We all go on vacation to get away from
stress, and things like that can be aggravating.

Yet another thought, brought to you by,

I had the same experience.. 5/13-5/21.  The only advanced res we made
was for Cinderella's Castle and R&C.  We called about Mitsukoshi in
Japan when we were there and they had nothing.  We went in person, were
given a buzzer, and was told 30 minutes for a hibachi table.  The
buzzer went off 5 minutes later.  No luck at LeCellier the whole time,
but we also got in to the Sci-Fi for dinner with no res.  -Cher
When we were at WDW the end of April, we also found a lot of "full up" 
when we tried to make PS. We went to a couple of WDW Restaurants and 
just walked up and did get seats, but since we didn't try to  make PS 
for those, we never thought anything of it.  O'hannas couldn't be had on 
the phone, so we just thought we had tough luck, maybe we should have 
tried going over there anyway?  What is disturbing from reading this 
thread, is that when people go in person, they find that there are 
tables available!  What is going on?  Is Disney trying to subtly move 
people to  other less used restaurants? Or is the system broke?  Are a 
certain number of tables "reserved" for walk ups?
There are a certain percentage of seats available for walk-ins and the 
percentage is determined by the individual restaurant. However that is based 
on the guests finishing their meal in a certain amount of time. If the AR/PS 
or seated walkin guests spend a little more time than the restaurant has 
planned then the percentage gets thrown to the AR/PS side.
We went to WDW at the begining of May, we had a hard time making PSs at
first for the Epcot resturants 90 days out but kept calling and was
able to secure some places a week or 2 from our trip.  I figured WDW
had alot of places blocked off for the Press and then when they did not
book those places they put back into the system.  I usually book our
favorites before leaving but have had luck in changing our plans or
getting something last minute.
I believe that is the case...