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Another drive-by posting...

Well, y'all know my love of heights...  And since it's a Disney

At least I had the smarts to stay in places that had walls.  Heh.
Amazingly beautiful place.

Eep. Not for me.  Not even for the kind of money he or Depp pull in.  

The only hope I have for the movie is I thought Pirates would suck
too.  Mostly the same people, including the same writers, so maybe
it'll work out.  This is going to be a bad year for only mediocre

So long as photoshop is taking it's sweet time processing 800

See that plateau?  That's Dead Horse Point.  It's got sheer dropoffs
around the entire plateau except for a small strip of land about 20-25
feet wide, wide enough for a road.  So you can drive onto the plateau
and walk 50' to the edge.

It was used as a natural horse corral, since a small fence could seal
off the entire area...

It's been in dozens of movies.  One of the Mission Impossible flicks
has Cruise climbing a rock face.  That was taken there.

It's a state park, so it's well maintained.  Utah has some great state
parks.  National parks, monuments and recreation areas, too.

Utah should hire me as a spokesperson.

(I just got done reprocessing a lot of Utah pics... :-) )

Speaking of a Lone Ranger story.............
Uh, lol, lmao, omg, and all those other vernaculars of today.

"Went out to the dumpster and got herbed up."

I needed him in my back seat when some dumb <insert insensitive 
remark about a female airhead> rear ended me and claimed it was 
my fault for stopping too fast.

Thank you for the link, citizen!

Uh oh!  Is the Maxima totaled?  Are you buying that SUV now?



Next WDW Vacation?
Who knows!

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