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Evening all,
                   When we were in Disney a couple of months ago my
son & I , & my wife & Daughter decided to do this. I actually thought
it was a great idea at the time. Considering that we usually visit
Disney every couple of years ( though next time it will probably be in
the company of boyfriends & girlfriends with my kids) It really seemed
neat to go to the park & find yourself in a prior visit.
 I guess What I am wondering is, ( and I have to ask this because I
never actually read up on this at all) where does the money collected
for this go? I have looked on the web site & can find no info on this.
Is this a Disney moneymaker, or is this money donated to a charity, or
is this money used for something else.

Just asking cause I thought it was a great idea ( sort of like the
bricks i guess), but i have no idea what the funds generated are used

Have a good evening all...

I've never heard it goes to anything special. Disney does some charity 
giving like Make a Wish Foundation, but in fact is a money making 
enterprise with public stock. As a stock holder myself I have no problem 
with them filling coffers with creative ideas like this. Anyone else 
hear something?

Beats me! The OP can always call Disney to ask or send a letter. For me, 
I can't justify paying Disney even more money then they already get from 
me when I buy a park hopper pass and the obligatory food in the parks. 
When I am in a charitable mood, I prefer to donate my money directly to 
the charity of my choice. I don't need Disney for that, nor do I need to 
see my name on some dirty brick somewhere on Disney's property ... but