Just booked Mini-Vacation

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Been having WDW withdrawal, so I just booked 4 nts and the Harambe Nights party for July 12th.  I know there are mixed feelings about the Hard-ticket parties, but I usually go solo, I try to do at least one big ticket item each time.  This time it is Harambe, can't wait.  Anyone else going to be there?  Even though it is ungodly hot at that time, I just pretend I am a vampire, and don't go to a park until late.  Got my hotel, my party ticket, now to buy my air and park tickets. Whoo!Whoo!
July? Not for me, thanks. Have fun...
Hi Steve, 

Yeah I know, that is why I am only going for a long weekend.  Having been there so many times, I just hit and run at the parks.  Pick my favs and get out.  The only reason I am going is to go to the party, can't wait to see AK at night.

How are the kidlets?  Bringing them down in January?

Talk to you soon, say hello to Barb for me.

I've only seen AK at night once and it was pretty cool. You'll have fun, no

The grandsons are all well (all. 5 of them ) and growing like weeds. We'll
have at least 2 with us in January... Likely 4 and maybe all 5.
WHAT????  All the grands? And parents right? Please tell me you and Barb 
have not totally lost your minds.

I have been contemplating a trip with our ONE grandson solo and Andy 
too. But I can't imagine 5! All at once.

C'mon. I'm not totally crazy. The current plan is for four grandsons AND
their parents to join us for a week. A week later, number five rolls in
WITH his parents. Right now, we're firm on only two... The others are
contemplating now versus waiting a year - newborns and all that.
Thank GOD!
The current plan is for four grandsons AND
I think the parents would love to go but newborns, not the best unless 
they want to experience and you write about the baby centers in all the 
parks. I hear they are very nice.