Jenny & Jeanette TR#2 Tutto Italia

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TR#2 Next TR; Tutto Italia or "It's HOW much???"

A bit of history, I started the first week in November trying to book
a CP package, but I was too late for ANYTHING. I kept calling back,
with no different results. The day I saw on RADP that TI had opened, I
phoned to get a CP package. At that point I didn't care what it costs,

went to Italy. Yes, we broiled all the way to Italy. By the time we
arrived, I was getting pretty cranky and I didn't really care what
landed on my plate as long as the place was air conditioned.

We had to wait about 10-15 minutes to be seated. We got a table for 2,
and it wasn't as crowded or as noisy as I had expected from reading
previous reviews. The CP package was $41.99 each; for this we got an
appetizer, entrée and dessert each. Cocktails were $10 and up, which
caught my eye as being high, even by Disney standards.

Our server was Mario, and he could use some tutoring. For the first
half of the dining experience, he never acknowledged me. Guess he
didn't know who was paying, huh? He never cracked a smile, ever. In
fact, I only ever saw ONE server smile. You'd think THEY were the ones
paying for dinner....

We had the appetizer for two and it was good in both quality and
variety. If you simply must visit this place, and you aren't hungry
enough to eat a side of beef, two adults could easily make a meal of
the appetizer plate + the breads at the table. The breads and olives
at the table were very, very good.

For entrees, I had fish and I think Jeanette had chicken, Yes, that's
how memorable it was. The fish was very mild, but well prepared.
Again, being a Southern Girl, I'm more partial to Real Fish with Real
Taste such as Mud Cat and Carp.

Dessert was unremarkable. I had the chocolate hazel nut torte which
was all one "cake" layer and very heavy. It's wasn't terrible, it just
wasn't what I wanted. Jeanette had the tiramisu which was a bit odd:
it was very fluffy, including the lady fingers, which reminded me more
of hostess twinkies. It wasn't bad, but we agreed the coconut tiramisu
at Boma is superior.

During the course of the meal, we had to repeatedly ask for water. We
got coffee with dessert and when we ran out, so did Mario. We looked,
searched, craned and peered, but no Mario. Finally Jeanette gave up
and asked another server who was quick and kind to oblige.

For some reason, it had slipped my mind that the gratuity was not
included in the bargain $41.99/person lunch. Unlike France last year
where Lisa and I dined and the served mentioned it at least once every
5 minutes. I figured it out quickly enough when the check came. <gasp>
LUNCH for two without alcohol AND using the "discounted <cough> CP
package was $105 (gratuity included.)

The meal was certainly edible and the setting rather pleasant, but no
way was it close to being worth that kind of money. In addition, dear
Mario barely earned a 10% tip, not the 18% auto-reward system. Yes, I
could have said something to the manager, where ever he/she was,
'cause we sure never saw them, but I viewed this as a ONE time event,
and trust me, it was.
$105 for lunch for 2 without alcohol, and you still had to stand in
line for along time for your seats at freakin' way (for
me)!  Sorry the food didn't live up to the hefty pricetag!  If it was
unbelievably great you could justify it once in a while, as a special