End of the 5-day cancellation policy?

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It took me an extraordinarily long time to make reservations for this
year's Mousefest. I must have made 8 or 10 calls over the period of a
month. As has been mentioned here, the AP discount is practically
nonexistent anymore. But even at full-price, I never managed to get the
CMs to get me a "room only" with one night's deposit and a 5-day
cancellation policy. All they could manage was the package that has you
pay in full 45 days ahead of time and that you don't get to cancel
without penalty within 45 days of your vacation. Even when I wanted just
a room, it was a "package" with those policies. I may have had the bad
luck to reach only CMs who don't know how to book the "room only" but I
have a suspicion that the 5-day cancellation policy is either dead or
about to be dead.

What did finally I wind up doing after all those phone calls? I booked
at the Swan.
The 5-day policy is still there. I called last week to make Mousefest
and was easily able to get both an AP discount and the 5 day cancellation.
I didn't even have to ask about the policy, the CM just offered it.

I don't get it--how come you managed it and I didn't? Is there a secret I
should know? Do you mind if I ask which hotel you got?

In the past, if I didn't get what I wanted, I'd just call back and usually by
the second or third call, I'd get the hotel and terms I wanted. I know
there's a difference between regular CRO (good) and the Disney Travel Company
(bad) and that you get one or the other more or less randomly when you call
,but surely I couldn't have been unlucky enough to get Disney Travel every
single time. In any case, I've always wanted to try the Swan, maybe I was
meant to stay there this time.
I know

Hi Queenie,

     I don't know if it's just coincidence or not, but whenever I
called the Disney Club 800 number I would always get someone WDTC
biased.  I assume it's because all the Disney Club discounts were done
through WDTC.  Maybe that's what you're doing that's making you get a
WDTC operator every time.  I just made 2 ressies for December using
the 407-WDISNEY number and had no problem getting AP rates and a
CRO-type ressie on the first try without even having to ask
specifically for a CRO rate although I did begin by asking if there
were any Annual Passholder rates available.  Hope this helps.

I never had any problems either, and when I made my ressies for after
Thanksgiving, I specifically asked if it was the CRP 5-day cancel policy,
and was told that all AP-rate rooms were always booked under the 5-day
policy -- the woman made it sound like they didn't have a choice for AP rate
rooms. On the availability - keep calling back if you are having trouble. I
was able to move friends from an AP rate at the WL (the oly thing available
back in Sept besides AKL when I first called) to the Poly AP rate.