Dec. Trip planned and a little help needed

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Four of us (my mother; my sister and her husband; and myself) will be at 
WDW Dec 1-5 with 4 nights in the AKL, and I have a few questions.

This is my first time at WDW since 1972 and there have been a 'few' 
changes since then ;-) ...  . This trip is planned as a 70th birthday 
present for Mom (and Christmas for all of us).  Since her actual 
birthday is Nov 19th, can she still get some of the birthday perks?  We 
we hoping that we could have her be a 'Birthday Girl' on Dec 2.  We have 

dinner package) and ending with IllumiNations.

We have also got tickets for the MVMCP on the 3rd - after all, you only 
turn 70 years young once.

The other big question ... I will essentially be running solo except for 
the above packages and was trying to plan my time in order to try to see 
a reasonable amount of the new stuff during our stay.  I will be solo 
because this will be the third trip to WDW this year for my Mom and my 
sister and they have their own plans - and my brother-in-law is a stick 
in the mud that only has a few things he wants to do!!

Tentatively, I will swap my Exchange voucher for my FL resident seasonal 
pass on the 1st at AK and spend a little time seeing the trails at the 
Oasis and around the ToL followed by the Parade.  Then I will have to 
head to Earl of Sandwich  to pick up supper for all of us to eat in out 
room at AKL.  Should I try to head out to one of the other parks to 
catch some late night activities?

The 2nd is all day at Epcot for me - starting with breakfast at Boma.

The 3rd is Magic Hour at AK and time for all the stuff I know I ignored 
on the afternoon of the 1st.  Should we plan on going to MK before it 
closes and eat there to get an early start on entry ... or just plan on 
getting there 6pm ish?

the 4th is really my last day in the parks at WDW since we need to get a 
fairly early start on the road on the 5th and I planned on Magic Hour at 
MGM and after the high spots (Rockin Roller Coaster/ToT/Star Tours) 
maybe heading back to Epcot.

Any suggestions or advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

Ed Russell
First of all, Happy Birthday to your mom!

Do you have a car?  I get so tired at WDW, I don't know that I would want to go
to Earl of Sandwich and then back to the resort, even with a car.  I'd rather
just eat at the resort.

When is your MVMCP?  You'll see Wishes then.  You're seeing Illuminations the
next day at Epcot.  I guess that leaves Fantasmic, or Downtown Disney, if
you're interested.

Has anyone in your party seen the Cirque de Soleil show "La Nouba"?  It's
really excellent.  I would pick that over just about anything available at the
World for an evening activity.  It's expensive as heck, but totally worth it.

You're doing early entry at AK on the same day as a MVMCP at MK?  From
experience... ouch!  Make sure you have a NAP in there somewhere. :-)

ticket.  It's a great idea to go early, you get so much more done!  No need to
eat there to get in early, they let anyone with a ticket in.  Last year, all of
Tomorrowland was open between offical park closing and party start times.  All
the early partiers were sent there, and they ran one of the Christmas shows a
couple of times.  By the time the crowds were pouring in, we were leaving,
having finished the whole area!

When I do MVMCP, I never seem to get to bed until 1 a.m. or later.  I don't
think I'd be doing any Early anything the next morning, but that's me.

You can do RnR Coaster and ToT and Star Tours using Fastpass... but I'm not
sure you don't want to switch up days with AK, if you're not going to go Early
Entry.  Early Entry days tend to become the most crowded days for the
designated parks.

TDC Ginny Favers, Captive Princess of Chickapin Hill
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Dec 2004 - Ft. Wilderness Cabin
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Thank you.

We will have a car, but the buses are going to be out main mode of 

Late for me tends to be after midnight.  It looks like we may all head 
over to MGM just for the Osbourne Lights ... depending upon how tired 
everyone is from the trip down.

After the half day at AK ending with lunch at the Flame Tree, I had 
planned on heading back to AKL for a soak in the hot tub and a nap.  ;-)

Sounds like a plan!

My original plans did call for MGM for exchanging for real Seasonal 
Pass, but we will be there early enough for me to catch the parade at AK 
and leave a little more time Friday to catch a nap between AK and MVMCP.

I planned on the Magic Hour at MGM - yes even after a late night/early 
morning at MVMCP - and then catching the boat over to Epcot to fill in 
some blanks from there.

I know it is a very full ambitious schedule, BUT ... I don't have to 
worry about being at work (being your own boss does have advantages ;-) 
), and I am normally up after midnight and up by 6-7am.  After all, I DO 
have 32 years of changes to catch up on ;-)
Well, maybe it's just me, but I'd rather be skinned alive than go from AK to
Downtown Disney to pick up sandwiches to bring back to AKL, via the Disney
busses.  You might get lucky, but on an average day, that will be a majorly
long errand with some pretty wilted sandwiches at the end of the trip.

Well, I've been guilty of keeping up a similar pace in the past!  It usually
ends with something in my legs going horribly wrong and me needing a
professional massage and a lot of ibuprofen, but I totally get where you're
coming from. ;-)

I think you need an Annual Pass and three trips a year.  Go for 10 days next
time.  LOL

Have a ball!

TDC Ginny Favers, Captive Princess of Chickapin Hill
Planning my next trip way, way, way too far in advance:
Dec 2004 - Ft. Wilderness Cabin
Feb 2005 - Roy's Villa
May/June 2005 - Beach Club Villas
Trip Reports at
I have an 'Exchange Certificate' right now for a FL resident Seasonal 
Pass - AP with a few blackout days (when I wouldn't want to go anyway). 
  It's sort of funny, I WAS planning three trips a year :-) but no 10 
day stays :-(  Mostly 5 day/4 night 'weekends'.

If I don't it will be my fault.

Thanks for the input,