Completely, utterly off topic: Peseid Meteor Shower peaks tonight...

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If you're not reading this on August 12th, then you're too late. 
Go on to the next message... ;-)

The Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight.  At max, they say there'll be
(on the average) one every minute.  (Up to 80 an hour if you're in
a dark area.)  Absolute peak  will be between midnight and dawn, but
meteors have been seen for a week now, so you still might see a few
after sunset.

And for the first time that I can remember, the skies are supposed to
be clear here.  I might have to go out to someplace dark.  Too much
light pollution here.

So if you wish upon that falling star tonight, you'll know why...

Unfortunately, we have cloud cover here through tomorrow morning.
This is the first time I can remember that it isn't going to be cloudy
here.   Of course, I'm taking the word of the weather service.
They're sometimes wrong.

No clouds here but can't stand them mosquitoes!!!
Of course!  It's my birthday and they always send the falling stars on 
my birthday.  Last year in the Galapagos they were non existent. Not a 
one and we stayed up til midnight. But the Milky Way horizon to horizon 
was gift enough.

Where we live, we have trees and clouds and maybe rain and I am pooped.

I hope whoever sees them sees magnificent ones!

Happy (belated) birthday!  Still 38yo?

It was just too much light pollution.  I'd have to drive 30 miles to
get someplace that isn't affected by all the city lights.  I was out
there for 30 minutes, didn't see one.  (Didn't help there's a haze
out.  Excessive heat and air quality warnings today.)

Oh no. I am now 40 and I can prove it once the "correction" dries on my 
birth certificate (which is NOT on parchment)
I understand the Northern Lights were active the last couple weeks too.

You're lucky, I'm pretty sure mine is on a stone tablet!!!