Child ID: What worked best??

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Hi all,

Thanks for all the terrific information as we plan our Fall trip to WDW.  We
will have two 3-year-olds with us.  What ideas have worked for you for
affixing ID information to kids this age?  Thanks much!

My suggestion -- go to a pet store and have a pet i.d. tag made with your
child's name, your hotel name and a phone number.  Place these tags on your
children's shoelaces. 

Have a great time.
That is a GREAT idea!!  They have those do it yourself kiosks at our local

Also, tell your kids what to do in case they get lost from you.  I have told
mine to go find a "worker".  They know they can find a worker at a food place,
at a ride, etc.  I tell them to look for someone with a nametag and tell them
they are lost.