A teacher's tale

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from another forum:
I'm a bit depressed this evening.

I used a state law to remove a child from my classroom. Said kid has 
cussed, pushed, and thrown things at me many times during the course
the past few months. He also threatened to kill me several times. I 
finally cracked and called the teacher's union. 11 years in
disturbed/behavior disordered teaching, and I finally met my match.

Momma had insisted that her sweet angel baby be all regular ed because

he was smart enough to handle it. And he is smart. After he assaulted
few regular ed teachers and kids, he was moved to my classroom. Stray 
kids R ME. After I was cussed out a few times and then assaulted, I 
insisted he be moved to an alternative setting.

Momma thinks that he is bad because I'm mean to him and the other kids

tease him. She won't allow her darling baby punkin to go to the 
alternative school because that is what made her first son a high
drop out. Momma got a nice fat settlement from the school system for
first born. Momma has every intention of taking the school system to 
court and getting yet another big fat settlement with her second one.

When said child was placed with me, I explained in great detail to
what she needs to do in order to change her second child's path. Momma

thinks I'm mean and just don't like said child.

Momma called in her lawyer to stop the move to alternative school. I 
called in my union.

I have pulled knives and guns and drugs from student backpacks. I have

been called a Stupid Forking Beyatch more times than I can count by 
students. Never have I ever called the teacher's union until today.

And you know what made me cry when I confronted my principal today....
failed that child. My principal thought I was crying because said boy 
had cussed me a blue streak... No.... I have officially quit on that

I've never quit before, but I can't work against a Momma that puts her

money above her child's welfare.

(Give me that boy and a belt and I can have him cured in two weeks.)
When you are pulling guns, drugs etc from the kids are the police
called in to deal with it?
What does this have to do with either recreation, travel, or cruises.
This is Janssen's 6th posting to rec.travel.cruises. None dealt with
recreation, travel, or cruises. All were from other forums.

If I want to read downer postings, I can always read messages posted to
some psychological group. Obviously, this guy is a troll and I suggest
that no one reply to Janssen's postings unless they concern cruises or

As usual Trout, you tell it like it is.
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